The site

The Site

As you can see from the aerial photograph, our site sits between Albert Road in St Philip’s, and the St Philip’s Greenway, part of the Whitchurch Way, the cycle route that leads from Harbourside all the way to Horseworld on the edge of the city.

Red Line Aerial
Close Redline Aerial

Importantly, the site is immediately next to St Philip’s Footbridge: anyone crossing the bridge to St Philip’s will arrive right next to our site. As the photos show, there is significant opportunity to improve the public realm here, given the bridge currently meets the back of the existing industrial warehouses in what is quite a hostile environment. Improving public realm has been one of our core design principles.

Raised Walkway Railings
Graphiti Gate

The site seen from its four corners

Under Bridge
Site From Top Of Bridge
Graphiti Under Bridge
Albert Road

The site is within the Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone, one of Europe’s largest urban regeneration schemes. As we say on our ‘welcome’ page, St Philip’s – as part of that zone – is changing; it will be transformed over the coming years into a vibrant, high-density place full of new homes and workspaces.

Temple Quarter Pdf Map Image
Img 1552
Img 9538
Img 9542

Sitting at the heart of the area’s regeneration is the University of Bristol’s new Temple Quarter Enterprise Campus, which will deliver an estimated £626m of employment and financial benefit to the regional economy over the next decade – and join the city centre to the east of Bristol with new walking and cycling paths.

Given how close the site will be to the new campus, we feel it is a logical and highly sustainable place for new purpose-built student accommodation. But there is also an opportunity to create an attractive meeting place for the whole community at this important junction.